20 Christmas Candy Recipes (2024)

These Christmas candy recipes are perfect for gift giving and holiday parties with favorites such as peanut brittle, rocky road fudge and peppermint bark.

From chocolate delights to peppermint treats, there’s a candy here for every sweet lover on your list!

20 Christmas Candy Recipes (1)

Deck the halls”with….Christmas candy recipes? Oh, yes! ‘Tis the holiday season to get out your best apron and ingredients, and cook and bake until your heart’s content.

Homemade Christmas candies makes the best gift and brings holiday cheer to parties and dinners. I have gathered fantastic recipes to delight your friends and family. There are decadent fudges like peanut butter and rocky road with marshmallows. For your parties, try some snackable candies such as reindeer chow and Rolo pretzels that everyone will adore.

Christmas candies don’t have to be complicated. Try some easy recipes that are fun to make with the kids including Oreo balls, crockpot candy and microwave caramels. Many of these desserts are no bake which means you don’t even have to turn on the oven!

Forget the store, make better versions of traditional sweets right at home. There are recipes for favorites such as peanut brittle, candied pecans, white chocolate peppermint bark with candy canes, peppermint patties and chocolate covered cherries. Package up these sweet treats in tins or cellophane bags and hand them out to friends, family, neighbors, or the mail man. No one will ever turn down Christmas dessert!

For a little inspiration, I rounded up what I like to call the best of the best. These recipes are some of my absolute favorite holiday treats. They will help make your holiday desserts a hit for dinners and parties. Looking for more sweet treats? Check out my collections of 30 Holiday Entertaining Recipes, 20 Christmas Cupcake Recipes and 30 Christmas Cookie Recipes!

Do you have a favorite recipefor Christmas candy? Share it with me, won’t you? I love hearing about all of your holiday traditions!

20 Christmas Candy Recipes

20 Christmas Candy Recipes (2)

20 Christmas Candy Recipes (3)

Buckeye Balls

This recipe for buckeye balls is the classic peanut butter balls dipped in dark or white chocolate.

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20 Christmas Candy Recipes (4)

Candy Cane Hearts

These adorable 3 ingredient candy cane hearts are a fun and festive treat! A super easy candy cane dessert that’s great for party favors, gifts and more.

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20 Christmas Candy Recipes (5)

Cake Balls

A recipe for cake balls that uses cake mix, frosting and candy melts to create fun and festive bites. Cake balls are perfect for gift giving and they’re easy to turn into cake pops!

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20 Christmas Candy Recipes (6)

Candied Pecans

This recipe for candied pecans is pecan halves coated in a sweet cinnamon sugar mixture and baked to crispy and crunchy perfection. Candied pecans are perfect for salads, snacking or package them up for a fun homemade gift idea!

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20 Christmas Candy Recipes (7)

Chocolate Covered Cherries

These chocolate covered cherries are made with maraschino cherries, a creamy center and plenty of dark chocolate. A homemade version of the classic treat that’s impossible to resist!

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20 Christmas Candy Recipes (8)

Chocolate Peanut Butter Fudge

This recipe forchocolate peanut butterfudge is a layered treat made with two types of fudge andtopped with peanut butter cups. It’s an easy treat that’s perfect for parties and gift giving!

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20 Christmas Candy Recipes (9)

Christmas Crack

This Christmas crack is saltine toffee made with crackers, brown sugar, butter, chocolate and holiday sprinkles. A sweet and salty treat that’s addictively delicious and perfect for feeding a crowd!

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20 Christmas Candy Recipes (10)

Cake Truffles

These cake truffles are made with cake crumbs, frosting and candy melts, then decorated with sprinkles. You can customize cake truffles to make them whatever flavor you like and decorate them for any holiday!

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20 Christmas Candy Recipes (11)

Crock Pot Candy

This easy crock pot candy is creamy chocolate peanut clusters, all made with the help of a slow cooker! The perfect treat for the holidays that serves a crowd.

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20 Christmas Candy Recipes (12)

Microwave Caramels with Sea Salt

This recipe for microwave caramels is an impressive treat that's ready in just minutes. Dip the caramels in chocolate and top them with a generous sprinkle of sea salt for a special holiday dessert.

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20 Christmas Candy Recipes (13)

20 Christmas Candy Recipes (14)

Chocolate Truffles

These chocolate truffles are made with a dark chocolate ganache that's shaped into balls and rolled in an assortment of toppings. Homemade truffles are easy to prepare and make for a super impressive dessert option for any event.

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20 Christmas Candy Recipes (15)

Peanut Brittle

This recipe for homemade peanut brittle is a buttery, crispy confection loaded with roasted peanuts. Break the brittle into bite sized pieces and serve for a simple yet satisfying dessert, or package up your peanut candy for gift giving.

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20 Christmas Candy Recipes (16)

Peppermint Bark

This recipe for classic peppermint bark is layers of white and dark chocolate topped with crushed candy canes. A holiday favorite that’s quick to make and perfect for parties and gift giving.

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20 Christmas Candy Recipes (17)

Reindeer Chow

No holiday party is complete without a big bowl of reindeer chow! This Christmas chex mix is loaded with chocolate flavor and is perfect for feeding a crowd.

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20 Christmas Candy Recipes (18)

Peppermint Patties

This easy homemade peppermint patties recipe is the ultimate holiday treat. A creamy peppermint center is surrounded by dark chocolate and finished off with festive sprinkles. Perfect for gift giving!

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20 Christmas Candy Recipes (19)

Oreo Balls

This recipe for Oreo balls is Oreo cookie filled truffles dipped in chocolate, then decorated in a variety of sprinkles. Oreo balls are perfect for gift giving around the holidays and also make great party favors.

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20 Christmas Candy Recipes (20)

Rocky Road Fudge

This microwave rocky road fudge can be made in just minutes and is loaded with chocolate, walnuts and marshmallows. Once you see how easy it is to make microwave fudge, you’ll never use any other method again!

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20 Christmas Candy Recipes (21)

Rum Balls

These rum balls are a blend of liquor, chocolate, pecans and cookie crumbs, all rolled together and coated with sprinkles. The perfect dessert or gift option for the holidays that's sure to be a hit with family and friends.

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20 Christmas Candy Recipes (22)

S’mores Fudge

S'mores fudge has a crunchy graham cracker crust, creamy chocolate fudge filling and plenty of toasted marshmallows on top. The best fudge you'll ever eat!

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20 Christmas Candy Recipes (23)

Rolo Pretzels

These Rolo pretzels are 3 ingredient sweet and salty treats that are the perfect snack or dessert. They take just minutes to put together and can be customized for any occasion.

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For a sweet treat that will make your holiday merry, try these festive recipes! From classic candies to new taste treats, you can’t go wrong with a little extra sweetness in your Christmas.

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20 Christmas Candy Recipes (29)
20 Christmas Candy Recipes (2024)


What is the best Christmas candy? ›

Top 12 Best Christmas Candies!
  • Haribo Giant Trees.
  • Fort Knox Gold Ingots.
  • Peeps Candy Cane Marshmallow Chicks.
  • Terry's Chocolate Orange Minis White Chocolate UK.
  • Christmas Hot Chocolate Bomb.
  • Maltesers Mini Mint Reindeers UK.
  • Kool-Aid Candy Canes.
  • Bailey's Salted Caramel Truffle Bar.
Nov 20, 2023

How to make Santa Claus candy? ›

Santa's Candy Sleighs
  1. Produce. • 4 packages (1 1/2 ounces each) raisins.
  2. Baking & Spices. • 4 Foil-covered chocolate christmas trees. • 4 Foil-covered peanut butter or chocolate santas.
  3. Desserts. • 8 Candy canes, 6 inches long.
  4. Other. • 4 Bars (2.07 ounces each) chocolate-covered peanut, caramel and nougat candy.

What is traditional Christmas candy? ›

Marzipan candy, maple walnut fudge, and good old-fashioned hard Christmas candy add traditional flavor to holiday celebrations.

What is the name of Santa's candy? ›

A candy cane is a cane-shaped stick candy often associated with Christmastide, as well as Saint Nicholas Day. It is traditionally white with red stripes and flavored with peppermint, but the canes also come in a variety of other flavors and colors.

What is the top 5 candy? ›

Here are the top 10 most popular candies in America, according to CandyStore.com:
  • Reese's Peanut Butter Cups.
  • M&Ms.
  • Hot tamales.
  • Skittles.
  • Sour Patch Kids.
  • Starburst.
  • Hershey Kisses.
  • Candy Corn.
Oct 10, 2023

What is the 1 most popular candy? ›

Top-selling chocolates and sweets. Reese's Peanut Butter Cups are the No. 1 selling candy brand in the United States, consisting of white fudge, milk, or dark chocolate cups filled with peanut butter. They were invented by H.B. Reese after he founded the H. B. Reese Candy Company in 1923.

How to make Christmas tree candy? ›

  1. Prepare buttercream frosting. Cream butter until light and fluffy. ...
  2. Gradually add remaining powdered sugar alternating with cream or milk. Scrape bowl well. ...
  3. Spread frosting all over the cone. Apply generously and in a circular motion so candy will stick.
  4. Attach candy row by row. ...
  5. Let dry overnight.

How do you make homemade candy ornaments? ›

Line large cookie sheet with cooking parchment paper. Spray insides of cookie cutters with cooking spray; place 2 inches apart on cookie sheet. Arrange 4 to 8 hard candies to fit in each cookie cutter. Bake 4 to 6 minutes or until candy is melted.

What is the oldest holiday candy? ›

Candy canes are one of the oldest Christmas candies, first appearing in the 17th century in Europe. They were originally straight white sticks of sugar that were meant to symbolize shepherd's crooks.

What is Christmas candy corn called? ›

The Christmas variant, sometimes called "reindeer corn", typically has a red end and a green center.

What is Santa's 1st name? ›

A long time ago, Santa was known as Saint Nicholas by his peers because he was so kind to others and often gave gifts to those in need. Today, some still call Santa “Saint Nicholas” among his many nicknames.

What pie is left for Santa? ›

Mince pie is a fruit-based pie, where small chunks of dried fruit are cooked in a beef suet, and then added to the pie crust. This pie has been traditionally served during Christmas time for centuries, and there are recipes dating to the 16th century for it.

What is bad Santa's real name? ›

Willie T. Soke and his dwarf assistant Marcus Skidmore are professional thieves. Every year, Willie gets a job as a department store Santa Claus and Marcus as an elf to rob shopping malls on the night of Christmas Eve, with Marcus' wife Lois as their getaway driver.

What is the least popular Christmas candy? ›

These Are the Most Hated Christmas Candies in America, and the List Will Make You Furious
  1. Reindeer Corn. Walmart/Allrecipes.
  2. Christmas Nougat. Walmart/Allrecipes. ...
  3. Chocolate-Covered Cherry Cordials. Walmart/Allrecipes. ...
  4. Candy Canes (Non-Peppermint) ...
  5. Peeps. ...
  6. Ribbon Candy. ...
  7. Old-Fashioned Hard Candies. ...
  8. Lifesavers Storybooks. ...
Dec 11, 2023

Which is the best candy ever? ›

Just unwrap to experience love at first bite with the creamy and delectable taste of the legendary Hershey's Kisses.
  • #2. Haribo Gummy Bears. 1920s Candy. ...
  • #3. Nerds Candy. 1980s Candy. ...
  • #4. Tootsie Roll. 1890s Candy. ...
  • #5. Blow Pops. 1970s Candy. ...
  • #6. Warheads. 1990s Candy. ...
  • #7. Skittles. ...
  • #8. Starburst. ...
  • #11. Sour Patch Kids Candy.
Aug 28, 2023


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