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THURSDAY, JAN. 19, 1961 BEDFORD COUNTY PRESS, EVERETT, PENNSYLVANIA FIRST SECTION PACE 5 News Lt. Shuller Is Promoted GUEST SOLOIST Mr. and Mrs. Ed Holland and son, Joel, of Everett were Sunday visitors of the Robert Reifstecks of Garden Heights, Altoona.

Mr. Hol Lt. Albert H. Shuller, longtime Turnpike state policeman, has been promoted to captain and assigned to command the Hazleton detail. He formerly was assigned to land was guest soloist at First Bap tist Church, Altoona.

Mrs. Reif- "The buying power of over 5,000 IC5A Stores from coast-to-coast has enabled us to bring these many top quality values to you. Look for our many selections during these two big sale weeks. We are sure you will find complete satisfaction in the IGA products you choose and at greater savings, too." steck is organist at First Baptist. INSTITUTION INDUSTRY Midway barracks, but more recently had commanded the Everett de Memorial Hospital of Bedford County ADMISSIONS Fred Miller, Bedford; Jennie Fletcher, R.

4 Bedford; Judy Cloud, R. 2 Everett; Marshall Ritchey, R. 2 Everett; Connie Carson, R. 1 New Paris; Effle Kline, R. 1 New Paris; Flora Home, R.

1 Schellsburg; James Steele, Hopewell; Bernice Evans, R. 4 Bedford; Lois Black, R. 2 Bedford. Ceda Harbaugh, Alum Bank; Grace Hillegass, Manns Choice; Jeffrey Smith, Bedford; David Martin, Everett; Patricia Bollman, R. 3 Bedford; Evelyn Morgart, New Paris; Elaine Sollenberger, R.

3 Everett; Marshall Ritchey, R. 1, Hopewell; Marjorie Davidson, Bedford; Carol Eller, R. 1 Hopewell. Fay Cornell, Everett; Susan Kropfl, Bedford; Velma Nee, R. 1 Plans are being completed for tail on the super highway.

He was among the original contingent of tile establishment of a large scale prison industry at the State Cor reetional Institution at Huntingdon. state police assigned to the Turnpike. He began duty at Turnpike head Machinery is being installed for the manufacture of garments for state quarters when the road opened institutions and hospitals. The op October -1, 1940. eration will start on a limited scale on Monday, and will eventually em No replacement has been named to command Everett barracks.

The Shuller family will continue to live in Bedford. The Shullers have one married son and a daughter at ploy zju inmates. POSITION FILLED home. Sydney L. Hall of Cleveland, Ohio, was named vice president of Bedford; George Ash, R.

4 Bedford; LaDonna Kline, Defiance; ONE PAIR OF SEAMLESS Vivian Foster, Six Mile Run; Hay An'. I Hall, R. 1 Hopewell; Genevieve Wilson College at Chambersburg, succeeding the late Congressman Douglas H. Elliott. Elliott ended his life last June, six weeks after winning' a special congressional RIDDLESBURG RIDDLESBURG, Jan.

11 Charl Burkett, R. 1 Bedford; Anna Car-berry, Baltimore, Ella Price, R. 1 Clearville. Anna Hardman, Bedford; Doro IfflllllSlll 111 election. CHEMICAL TESTS A 30-day test of snowfighting thy Waltman, McConnellsburg; Paul Miller, R.

4 Bedford; Marjorie Sponsler, Everett; Marlene Cessna, R. 3 Everett; Scotty Dibert, R. 1 Bedford; Ethel Weyant, R. 3 Bed chemicals is being made in the Somerset area of the Pennsylvania es Smith, a teacher in the Baltimore Schools, spent the weekend with his parents, Mr. and1 Mrs.

Oliver Smith. Charles is convalescing after undergoing surgery at Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore. Recent visitors in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Bursey Miller were Mr.

and Mrs. Paul Beaver and Ernest Miller of McConnellstown, Mrs. Clayton Carnell and daughter Ruth, Turnpike. Calcium chloride, which ford; Betty Sipes, Everett; Gene is being used in the tests, must be vieve McCavitt, Bedford; Anna Fochtman, R. 3 handled with care and the tests were devised to determine whether 6 oz.

Frank Corminsky, Oakland, Jar or not it is practical to use thd sub Catherine Smeltzer, R. 1 Everett; stance on the highway. David Knisely, Everett; Alice Knis- A -INSTANT C0F A guest TEA BAG 79' 39' ely, Everett; Russell Sager, Pitts 9 DOG LICENSES ot Saxton, Mrs. tlsie Evans and Mr, and Mrs. Elvin Himes of Hopewell, Mr.

Edgar Troutman of Yellow Creek, and Mr: and Mrs. Geo. Reddinger from town. Ajlr. .1 Box of A total of 1,742 dog licenses were burgh; Frank Theodore, Long Island; Harry Mills, Clearville; Mary R.

Ritchey, Bedford; Wilbert Kin- t5C I --Ann. 48 Bags sold in Bedford County between December 20 and January 14, ac sey, Schellsburg. (with cording to C. C. Adams, County Alma Miller.

New Paris; Ruth Treasurer. MAT 2 Boxes PC 50 Each 3 Miller, Fishertown; Sharlotte Peck, R. 1 New Paris; Clara Burrell. R. 3 PERSONNEL CHANGES Harold Cessna, advertising man Bedford; Edna Burket, Bedford; Thomas Stiffler, R.

4 Bedford. the purchase of a two pair box of seamless at $1.89) ager of the Bedford Gazette, has been named business 'manager of ALL PURPOSE anu iiiu. uuu im: i mm granddaughter, Cindy Hudacik, have returned home after visiting their daughters, Betty and Geral-dine, and their families in Washington, D. C. Recent visitors in the home of Mr.

and Mrs. Victor Carnell were Mr. and Mrs. Robert Horton and daughter, Lu Ann, of Hopewell, Mr. and Mrs.

Ralph Hiquot and daughter, Nellie, Mr. and Mrs. Clayton Carnell, Karen Smith, Mr. and Mrs. Paul Carothers, Mrs.

Elsie Clark and Mary Elizabeth Clark of CLEAN! BORN Son to Mr. and Mrs. James Fea the paper. Eugene Farkas, who has Bottle I been city editor for 5'2 years, has ther, Schellsburg. Daughter to Mr.

and Mrs. James resigned irom the stall to take a 'Public relations position with the Fletcher, R. 4 Bedford. Son to Mr, and Mrs. John Black, Quart I AG Pennsylvania Bureau ot Highway IGA SALAD 01 R.

2 Bedford. Bottle Safety. Replacing farkas is Thomas Son to Mr. and Mrs. Francis L.

Blount, former sports editor of Hillegass, Manns Choice. Son to Mr. and Mrs. Ray Sollen berger, R. 3 Everett.

Son to Mr. and Mrs. Robert Brady, Bedford. Daughter to Mr. and Mrs.

Thomas BUI3F ST) Lai ILi Ik tJ mum JcilfOjrf Eller, R. 1, Hopewell. baxton, Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Brin-dle and Mr.

and Mrs. Ronnie Carnell and daughter, Debbie, from Cherrytown, Mr. and Mrs. Reuben Nelson and daughter, Dorothy, from town. Mr.

and Mrs. David McMurtrie and children spent Sunday with Mrs. McMurtrie's parents. Mr. and Mrs.

John Rice, at Clearville. Recent visitors in the McMurtrie home were Mr. and Mrs. John Mills of Clearville, Brenda Young of Breezewood, Mrs. Maureen Daughter to Mr.

and Mrs. Clifford Nee, R. 1 Bedford. Son to Mr. and Mrs.

Robert Aiansheld (Ohio) News Journal. CHAIRMAN Dr. C. F. Reeder of Johnstown has been elected chairman of the Southern Cambria School Building Authority.

Dr. Reeder is a former resident of Everett. 4 ELECTED DIRECTORS Harry Wareham of Route 1, Everett was elected as a director of the Pennsylvania Swine Breeders Association, at the annual meeting of the group during the State Farm Show. Mr. Wareham and James N.

Hollenshead of Route 1, Needmore, were named as directors in the Pennsylvania Cooperative Swine Breeders Association. Kline, Defiance. tut Son to Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Foster, Six Mile Run.

Son to Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Price, R. 1, Clearville. Boneless We're proud to bring you a roast so juicy, so tender, so perfect Daughter to Mr.

and Mrs. Roy Smeltzer, R. 1 Everett. Twin daughters to Mr. and Mrs.

Light and sons, Gregg and Jeffery, of Cumberland and Mrs. Elmer Foor and daughter, Phyllis, and granddaughter, Jill, of Breezewpod. Mrs. William Martin and son Billy have returned to Long Beach, N. J.

after spending some time with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Roy Orville Knisely, Everett. Son to Mr. and Mrs.

Martin Mill er, New Paris. Son to Mr. and Mrs. Paul Dick, Ja'-fti: nlrtffn a'iinTnrar FOOD New Paris. SHEEP ENTRIES WIN Mrs.

Hazel Akers, of Needmore, Fulton County, won eleven awards for her entries in the Corriedale sheep division at the Pennsylvania m-mmWULSU'E! VALUES! DISCHARGED Leila Lynch, Crystal Spring; Melvin Johnson, Bedford; Mary Welsh, R. 3 Berlin; Mrs. Sandra Davis and son, Alum Bank; Ernest Diehl. They also visited' Mr. and Mrs.

Hugh Martin in Six Mile Run. Mr. and Mrs. Jim Mort and children of Saxton were dinner guests in the home of Mr. and Mrs.

Bud Mort on Sunday. Mr. William Figard of Altoona, a former Riddlesburj man, is a patient in the Altoona Hospital Farm Show. Emil Mellott ana bon of the same community won three Floor ENRICHED ALL PURPOSE awards in this division. GRAND CHAMPION C.

Kenneth Gordon of McCon-nellsburg R. D. was named as the Baker, Logan, Ohio; Mrs. LeDonna May and son, R. 1 Bedford; Norma Boore, R.

3 Bedford; Mrs. Margaret Beegle and son, R. 2 Clearville; Charles Mills, R. 2 Clearville; Le Grand Perce, Bedford. Fred Miller, Bedford; Brenda IS 1 1 Fresh Ground c3 45 ilaiiiirg Beef Tongue Grand Champion in the alfalfa suffering from a second heart attack.

Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Hall of Everett are the parents of a baby girl, Christine Carol, born at Memorial Hospital of Bedford County on Christmas Day. They visited Mrs. Hall's parents, Mr.

and Mrs. George Heister on Sunday. Other guests in the Heister home were Mr. and 2 lb. ISox tiooso Spread grass division at the 'Pennsylvania Farm Show.

TO SEE EVENTS Charles Seager, Democratic com 10 oz. LLt mitteeman for Saxton Borough, and Mrs. Seager plan to leave for Wash Jellies zv Easter, Manns Choice; Elsie Lesh, Bedford; Albert Wing, Hagerstown, Patrick Siciliano, New York City; Angelo Mock, St. Clairsville; Ethel Weyant, R. 3 Bedford; Mrs.

Jennie Fletcher and daughter, R. 4 Bedford; Zora Snyder, Bedford; Harry Mills, Everett Star Rt. Mrs. Dorothy Snyder and son. New Enterprise; Mrs.

Cora Fletcher and son, R. 1 Schellsburg; Marcia ASSORTED FLAVORS uiasses 2 ou 95 Eggs Med. Size Candled ington, D. C. on Thursday to be on hand for the inauguration Friday.

They will be accompanied by Mr. and Mrs. Percy Foor and Mr. and Mrs. Glen Mowry of Bedford.

nb. Solids Ritchey, R. 1 Everett; Jeffrey Smith, Bedford; Mrs. Glee Snyder Legs and Thighs Fryers iA Creamery Buffer iA Evaporated Milk and daughter, Langdondale; August Tall Bachman, Butler; Mabel Bachman, Butler; Bernice Evans, R. 4 Bed Shannon Renamed As Head Of Bank ford; Alice Cunard, Everett; Valerie Ann Pope, Fishertown; Sliced Fresh Beef Liver Judith Cloud, R.

2 Everett; Mrs. SNO Lois Black and son, R. 2 Bedford; Carl Butz, Star Rt. Everett; Sgt. lb.

Can liortesilug Sil KREEM Spencer S. Shannon of Bedford was reelected president of the First National Bank of Saxton at ib.39 45c Andrew Murafka, Bedford; Eleanor Baker, R. 4 Bedford; Mrs. Lois Mc eef PINK LIQL.D 22 oz. Can efergesif if Tnctu pnApr Coy and son, rishertown; James K.

Steele, Hopewell; Sara Mellott, Bedford; Alice Knisely, Everett; Marian Miller, R. 1 Bedford. Frank Theodore, Connecticut; Dorothy Waltman, McConnellsburg; Susan Kropfl, Bedford; Evelyn Morgen, New Paris; Vnn Car-berry, Baltimore, Grsce Hillegass and son, Manns Choict; Jennie Hengst, Imler; Marjorie Sponsler, Everett; Ceda Harbaugh, Alum Bank. IJT Sirloin lb. NABISCO tho annual meeting of stockholders held last week.

Coolidge A. Eichelberger of Everett was Teeleeted vice president. Robert E. Steele of Saxtnn was re-iained as secretary of the board and bank cashier. Robert L.

Williams was renamed assistant cashier. The five directors of the bank were reelected at the annual meeting of stockholders held last Tuesday. In addition to President Shannon, Vice President Eichelberger and Secretary Steele, the board members are Charles T. Benner and Robert E. Huff of Saxton.

1 Lb. Pkg. IGA MARLENE MARGARINE OREO Mrs. Robert Steele and1 children of New Enterprise, Mr. and Mrs.

Galen Rinard and daughter of Sax-ton and Mrs. Heister's sister and her husband from Tyrone. Sammy, little son of Mr. and Mrs. David McMurtrie, has returned home after undergoing surgery in the Blair Memorial Hospital in Huntingdon.

Mr. and Mrs. George Reddinger and Mrs. Delia Carberry were dinner guests in the home of Mr. and Mrs.

Sammy Metzgar in Roaring Spring on Sunday. Recent visitors in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Joe Donelson were Mr. an Mrs.

John Wagner, Kenneth Wagner, Mrs. Grace Zimber-lin and Mrs. Rachel Baird of Altoona, Mrs. Virgil Rinard of Sax, ton, Mr. and Mrs.

Palmer Rinard and daughter Mary Ellen, and Mrs. Bertha Wyles and Gary Wiles from Saxton R. D. and Mrs. Ray En-triken of Entriken.

Mr. and Mrs. Chalmer Brumbaugh of Henrietta visited the lat-ter's mother, Mrs. Dean Kephart, on Sunday. Sunday visitors in the home of Mr.

and Mrs. Roy Diehl were Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Stailey Jr. of Lock Haven, Mrs.

Helen B. Stailey and son, Jan, of Everett, and Glenn Diehl of Fort Dix, N. J. Mr. and Mrs.

Jack Davis and little grandson, Jeffrey Davis, of Blue Knob visited with Mr. and Mrs. Harrv Lloyd one day last week. Rev. and Mrs.

Ritchie Ball of Clearville were guests of Mr. and Mrs. Dewey Grubb on Saturday. Mr. and Mrs.

Harry Lloyd attend-! ed the funeral of Mr. Lloyd's sister, Mrs. Edith Wertz, Altoona on Saturday Mr. Bartic Zavosky has been discharged from the hospital and is now a guest at the Penn Wood Guest Home near Bedford. Mrs.

Joe Ross is spending some time with her children in Buffalo, i Mrs. Nora Long, a former resident from our town, is a patient in the Altoona Hospital. i Mrs. Ruth Replogle has returned home after visiting her daughter. CREAMS 45C All Pork Loose sausafie 5p5, Quarters wSij wtzpf' Target Cooki: ss ml iiiissrbsi Most rumors unspread about as easily as warm butter.

ib.491 ib. 45( Mixed Cuts Pork Chops IT'LL SELL BETTER IF IT'S LETTER-PERFECT Sl1 EVERETT end BEDFORD Large, golden-ripe just right for pies, cakes, salads or fo slice on your favorite cereal. Lucile, and lamiiy in Baltimore and lbs. 7 her son, Joe, and family in Brook- I 0 fU side, New Jersey. We produce perfect printing everytime Having a sale? Announcing an opening? Staging a promotion? If printing's required, call lis.

We do the job quick, right, and at low cost. BEDFORD COUNTY PRESS Everett, Pa. FfrTTl for oil I iVL 'I purpose Bunch esider Crisp HAD NASON HOSPITAL ROARING SPRING (Bedford Co. Admissions) Quitman Claycomb, Imler. Marcie Price, Saxton.

Shirley Nicodemus, St. Clairsville. Dorothy Fickes, Imler. Janet Neville, Saxton. Donna Snyder, Woodbury.

Connie Imler, Osterburg. i Betty Rccs, Hopewell. 1 LOWRY'S MARKET EVERETT Open to Serve You Two Evenings Until 8 P.M. Friday and Saturday Fresh Texas BROCCOLI Bunch 29C.

Bedford County Press and Everett Press from Everett, Pennsylvania (2024)


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