The 12 Best Breathable Shoes for Sweaty Feet | (2024)

The 12 Best Breathable Shoes for Sweaty Feet | (1)

The best breathable shoes for sweaty feet are made with materials that promote airflow.

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So many of us have sweaty feet at least occasionally. They can be caused by myriad factors, including being on your feet all day, stress, poor hygiene and wearing nonbreathable footwear.


Podiatrists say one of the best ways to manage sweaty feet is by changing up your footwear. After talking with an expert, we rounded up the best shoes for sweaty feet that wick away moisture and keep your feet feeling fresh.

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The Best Breathable Shoes for Sweaty Feet

  • Best Overall:HOKA Clifton 8 ($111.09,
  • Best on a Budget:Wonesion Breathable Slip-Ons (From $22.99, Amazon)
  • Best for Walking:New Balance Fresh Foam Cruzv3 ($89.99,
  • Best for Running:OnCloud Cloudstratus 3 ($179.99,
  • Best for Hiking:Saucony Peregrine 12 (From $47.85, Amazon)
  • Best Water-Resistant:Keen Newport H2 Sandals ($125,
  • Best for Casual Wear:Birkenstock Arizona Sandal ($110,
  • Best for Golf:ZG21 Golf Shoe (From $70.90, Amazon)
  • Best for Boating:Astral Loyak AC ($110, REI)
  • Best for Basketball:Nike Air Zoom GT Jump ($113.97,
  • Best Eco-Friendly:Sanuk Slip-on Shoe ($60,
  • Best Slides:Adidas Slides ($17,

How We Chose

We chatted with David Garras, MD, a foot and ankle specialist and orthopedic surgeon based in Illinois, to learn the ins and outs of buying shoes for sweaty feet. In addition to his advice, we narrowed down the shoes below based on the following criteria:


  • Breathability
  • Comfort
  • Price

For more information on how we choose and cover products, click here.

Why Are Certain Shoes Marketed to Men or Women?

Manufacturers typically market shoes according to gender, so we have listed both women's and men's picks below according to the language used by the brands. However, the main difference between most men's and women's shoes lies in the shoe width and size.

In some cases, men's shoes are built to support greater weights. So people with bigger bodies may want to opt for men's versions, whereas people with smaller bodies may prefer women's versions. We encourage everyone to shop according to their personal preferences rather than feel restricted by marketing lingo.

1. Best Overall: HOKA Clifton 8

The latest shoe in the Clifton franchise, HOKA Clifton 8 is a revamped version of all previous Clifton shoes that came before. This one is lightweight and breathable thanks to the mesh outer layer and the lighter midsole. It has a cushioned footbed, making it ideal for running or walking, and an elongated pull tab for easy wear.


Plus, it received the seal of approval from the American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA) for promoting better foot health.

Buy for men's sizes 7 to 16; for women's sizes 5 to 12; ‌Price:‌ $111.99

2. Best on a Budget: Wonesion Breathable Slip-Ons

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If you're looking for a versatile shoe that won't break the bank, consider a pair of Wonesion shoes. Made of breathable mesh, the shoe's outer layer is designed to keep your feet cool. Because the soles are made of durable rubber, the shoe absorbs all of the impact and is ideal for all types of physical activities: walking, running, traveling, hiking and working out.


"A thick sole construction provides for great walking support, and they're also affordable," Dr. Garras says.

Buy it:Amazon for men's sizes 7 to 13; Amazon for women's sizes 5.5 to 10.5; ‌Price:‌ From $22.99

3. Best for Walking: New Balance Fresh Foam Cruzv3

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This shopper-favorite sneaker is ideal for walking because of the foam midsole, which is designed to cushion your foot with each stride.


Beyond being an extremely comfy shoe, it's also breathable and lightweight thanks to the knit upper.

What's more, it has a rubber outsole to prevent you from slipping and a slip-on design, making for easy wear whenever you're in a hurry.

Buy for women's sizes 5 to 12; for men's sizes 7 to 15; ‌Price:‌ $89.99

4. Best for Running: OnCloud Cloudstratus 3

Whether you're training for a marathon or going for a jog, it's a good idea to have a quality pair of running shoes in your rotation. Designed with the brand's signature cushioning, the Cloudstratus were meant for running. The outer layer is made of 75 percent recycled polyester for a breathable fit.


"They also have phenomenal ankle support, which is great for runners," Dr. Garras says.


Buy for women's sizes 5 to 11 and men's sizes 7 to 14; ‌Price:‌ $179.99

5. Best for Hiking: Saucony Peregrine 12

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The Saucony Peregrine 12 comes recommended by Dr. Garras because the shoes have "great traction, secure fit and are super breathable."


The shoe comes with a rock plate, which prevents sharp items from puncturing the shoe and helps to keep moisture away. Plus, they're waterproof, so you don't have to worry about puddles during your jog.

Buy it:Amazon for women's sizes 5 to 12; Amazon for men's sizes 7 to 14; ‌Price:‌ From $47.83

6. Best Water-Resistant: Keen Newport H2 Sandals

Keen Newport H2's water-resistant outers are perfect for long walks and hikes, says Dr. Garras.


The shoe has a durable toe box for protection against the environment and a grippy sole for ultimate traction. It's no wonder the shoe has become a staple among adventurers and travelers.

Buy for women's sizes 5 to 11; for men's sizes 7 to 17; ‌Price:‌ $125

7. Best for Casual Wear: Birkenstock Arizona Sandal

These sandals are iconic, and for good reason: "They are fashionable and very open, allowing for ample breathability for casual purposes," Dr. Garras says.


The cork footbed contours to the natural shape of your foot and provides arch support (making them a great sandal for flat feet, too). What's more, the EVA sole absorbs shock and the roomy toe box gives your toes space to air out.

Buy for women's sizes 4 to 12.5 and men's sizes 6 to 15.5; ‌Price:‌ $110

8. Best for Golf: Adidas ZG21 Golf Shoe

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The Adidas ZG21 gives you the foundation you need to excel at your game. The shoe has six spikes, which deliver stability, grip and greater striking power.

We appreciate that the outer layer is made of a breathable mesh. Additionally, the shoe is waterproof, keeping your feet dry whether it rains or shines.

Buy it:Amazon; ‌Price:‌ From $70.88

9. Best for Boating: Astral Loyak AC Water Shoes

Looking for a breathable boating shoe? Dr. Garras would like to introduce you to the Astral Loyak AC Water Shoes.

These water shoes are made from a thermoplastic, mesh upper to vent your feet of hot air while protecting them against abrasion. Also, "they have a flex grip that provides for high friction on smooth surfaces like boats," he adds.

Buy it:REI for men's sizes 8 to 14; ‌Price: ‌$110

10. Best for Basketball: Nike Air Zoom GT Jump

According to Dr. Garras, the Nike Air Zoom GT Jump is breathable and offers "ankle support for any jumping," making this pair perfect for scoring a basket.


The shoe is constructed with a cushioning system that responds to each movement and gives you the boost you need to run down the court. It's also lightweight and sturdy.

Buy for men's sizes 3.5 to 18 and women's sizes 5 to 19.5; ‌Price:‌ $113.97

11. Best Eco-Friendly Sanuk Slip-on Shoe

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If you're looking for an eco-friendly and affordable shoe, consider Sanuk's Slip-on Shoe.

Dr. Garras approves of the Sanuk because they're made "with no animal or by-products," he explains.

What makes this shoe great for sweaty feet is the antimicrobial footbed, which reduces odor and bacteria.

Buy for womens's sizes 5 to 11; ‌Price:‌ $60

12. Best Slides: Adidas Slides

Adidas Slides are a closet staple because they're easy to put on, are extremely comfy and dry quickly.

Because the slides have only one strap, your feet can breathe. The sole is made of the brand's signature Cloudfoam, too, making it perfect for long walks or a trip to the grocery store.

Buy for men's sizes 4 to 13 and women's sizes 5 to 13; ‌Price:‌ $17

What to Look for in a Breathable Shoe for Sweaty Feet

1. Breathability

When looking for a shoe for sweaty feet, one of the most important attributes to consider is breathability.

"The more air that is let into the shoe, the more the foot can breathe, and the less sweat will develop," Dr. Garras says.

He recommends shoes made of nylon mesh because it wicks moisture and dries quickly compared to other materials.

2. Comfort

If you're doing a lot of walking or running, make sure your shoe has a cushioned footbed like the HOKA Clifton 8 or Adidas Slides.



The 12 Best Breathable Shoes for Sweaty Feet | (2024)


What shoes are good for hyperhidrosis? ›

Hyperhidrosis and friction

Softness of Suede often work best. If you can wear suede-bottomed shoes, you can wear Summer Soles!

Which sole material is best for sweaty feet? ›

A leather-soled shoe is also better for people that experience issues with their feet, such as sweat or foot odor. Another tremendous benefit of these soles is the resistance they offer from the ground and providing you a temperature regulation. For these reasons, leather-soled shoes are the most popular in the summer.

What is the best anti foot sweat? ›

Dry the feet thoroughly, then apply cornstarch, foot powder, or an antifungal powder to your feet. Wear wicking socks made of natural or acrylic fiber blends that draw the moisture away from your feet instead of trapping it.

What should I wear for sweaty feet? ›

Turns out, cotton socks hang onto the moisture from your sweat, keeping your feet moist and prone to blisters and cold. Meanwhile, Merino Wool wicks moisture to keep things dry and warm. That night I ordered a couple pairs of wool ski socks and never went back.

What stuff makes your feet stop sweating? ›

Treatments for sweaty feet include antiperspirants, iontophoresis (a great option, learn more about it), and Botox injections.

What material is best for sweaty feet? ›

He recommends selecting socks made of moisture-wicking materials such as polyester, nylon, and wool, which are most effective at keeping sweaty feet dry, cool, and comfortable to reduce sweat and keep your feet dry.

How do I keep my feet sweat free? ›

How to get rid of sweaty feet
  1. Washing your feet. Share on Pinterest Washing the feet at least once a day is necessary to prevent the spread of bacteria. ...
  2. Soaking feet in black tea. Using black tea may be an effective way to stop sweating. ...
  3. Carrying spare socks. ...
  4. Changing shoes. ...
  5. Applying rubbing alcohol. ...
  6. Trying iontophoresis.
Jul 25, 2018

How do I stop my feet from sweating and smelling in my shoes? ›

  1. Alternate Your Footwear. Getty Images / Aleksandr Zubkov. ...
  2. Apply a Foot Powder. Getty Images / Getty Images. ...
  3. Experiment With Cat Litter. Getty Images / Irina Kashaeva. ...
  4. Spray Disinfectant. ...
  5. Try Charcoal Insoles. ...
  6. Try Lemon Juice Mixed With Water. ...
  7. Use Baking Soda and a Coffee Filter. ...
  8. Wash Your Feet and Wear Clean Socks.
Feb 21, 2024

What product stops sweating feet? ›

Carpe Antiperspirant Foot Lotion | a solution to excessive sweaty, smelly feet | Helps prevent blisters. Amazon's Choice highlights highly rated, well-priced products available to ship immediately.

What vitamin helps with sweaty feet? ›

Diets rich in vitamin B and magnesium are thought to help reduce excessive sweating. Maintaining a proper diet with all the required vitamins and minerals is crucial for your health, and can reduce sweat.

What cream is good for sweaty and smelly feet? ›

Carpe Antiperspirant Foot Lotion, A dermatologist-recommended solution to stop sweaty, smelly feet, Helps prevent blisters, Great for hyperhidrosis.

Should I wear socks if my feet are sweaty? ›

Wear cotton socks that allow the feet to breathe rather than synthetic ones. Wash your feet frequently. Ensure that your shoes are clean and dry – inside and out – before putting them on.

What shoes prevent smelly feet? ›

Use footwear that breathes; look for shoes that have mesh panels. Change your shoes regularly to allow them to dry and air properly. Avoid shoes made of plastic. Use odor-reducing or antibacterial insoles.

Are Crocs good for sweaty feet? ›

They can cause sweating and irritation

Additionally, Crocs are made from plastic. Although they have drainage holes that can make them feel breathable, the plastic can still make your feet sweat. In some cases, friction between your skin and the plastic can also lead to irritation and discomfort.


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